Stitch Fix Explains How to Take Men’s Fashion to the Next Level

Stitch Fix is the go-to source for fashion tips and recently they released an article explaining how to up your game if you’re into men’s fashion. They call their four-part strategy Maximal Fashion and it makes looking good easier than you’ve ever imagined.


The Importance of Color 


We all know that color is important when it comes to creating a good look, but if you want to go far beyond just looking “good” it can also give you the boost you need. For example, you can go monochromatic for a striking single-color look that’s hard to miss. On the other hand, you can unleash your wild side with complementary colors that work together to create a style that’s unforgettable. The Stitch Fix Fashion Blog will guide you throughout the whole process.


Using Patterns


A step up from using just colors is the use of patterns. While they are more tricky to work with, they can really set off your look in ways that you wouldn’t believe. Leopard print shoes, floral shirts, and patterned socks may seem garish on their own. But, Stitch Fix comments, when paired with more subdued wardrobe choices, they create a kind of balance that just works.


Don’t Forget the Textures


What your clothing is made of is just as important as its color or pattern. A velvet blazer will be vastly different from one made of cotton after all. The trick here is picking textures that stand out for all the right reasons yet still work with the rest of the items in your wardrobe (Finance).


Using a Statement Piece


The final technique that Stitch Fix gives us is to center your look around a statement piece. For example, you might choose a flashy floral print shirt and combine it with pants and shoes that come in muted colors. The trick is to make your centerpiece stand out and build around it.


Men’s Fashion Experts


Once again Stitch Fix proves they’re the masters of men’s fashion. They have the knowledge and experience to make any man look his best and their new Maximal Style is proof of that.