Simple Tips For Success From Entrepreneur Jason Hope

A native of Tempe, Entrepreneur Jason Hope attended A.S.U. and received a degree in finance. Afterward, Hope received an M.B.A. from W.P. Carey School of Business. As an Entrepreneur, Hope has worked in many fields, from high-tech to medicine.


Currently, Jason Hope manages his own business and philanthropic endeavors. Having previously worked with the T Gen Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club, and Teach for America Phoenix. Hope has experienced much during his career and has developed several tips for success.


The Key To A Productive Day

Jason Hope Offers Advice for Success

According to Hope, the key to achieving success is productivity. The best way to have productivity is to create a routine and manage a balance between work and life. Many people advocate establishing a daily routine that includes a healthy breakfast and exercise to start off the day. Jason Hope follows this up by catching up on work email and social media. 


Maintain Balance


According to Hope, it’s also beneficial to maintain a balance between work and life. Take computer breaks. Work may seem overwhelming with large projects that have deadlines, but business expert Jason Hope advises keeping life simple by not worrying and working on each project one step at a time (Facebook).


Don’t Think About Failure

Jason Hope has wise advice regarding failure. Don’t dwell on failure and the past. Focus now and keep moving forward. According to Hope, “…we can only learn from our mistakes.” It’s not about past mistakes or small details but instead the big picture. This ability to look at the big picture helps Hope with his future thinking.