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Ross Cameron is a world-renowned day trader who achieved extraordinary success by turning an initial investment of $583.15 into millions of dollars. This is an unorthodox accomplishment that the average day trader can’t fathom. His story stands out due to his unique journey, as he managed these gains without prior experience on Wall Street or at a trading firm.


Born and raised in southern Vermont, the trading expert Ross Cameron obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vermont College. He graduated during the Great Recession, which pushed him to explore alternative ways to earn a living, including day trading.

YouTube Star Ross Cameron

Beyond trading, Ross is a devoted family man, happily married with two sons. He indulges in numerous hobbies, including sailing, tennis, mountain biking and restoring classic cars. He also enjoys creating blog posts highlighting his passion for vintage automobiles.


His fascination with the stock market began in his early years after witnessing the extraordinary financial success of his great-great-uncle and enrolling in a school program during the DotCom bubble. However, Ross Cameron didn’t pursue trading until 2001, when he used $1,000 to open an Ameritrade account. 


Initially, he focused on investing in established companies like Exxon Mobil, Caterpillar, US Steel, and Pfizer. After high school, Ross embarked on a path to become a teacher, striving for a certification in ceramics instruction or general art teaching (Thriftbooks). 

This educational journey only temporarily halted his trading endeavors. In summary, Ross Cameron’s exceptional success as a day trader, starting with a small investment, showcases his unique journey from Vermont to the trading world. Along the way, he partook in education and various hobbies.