Randy Douthit Shares His Passion Outside Work

Randy DouthitFor more than twenty years, Judge Judy has been dominating daytime television. And while many people are familiar with Justice Judy Sheindlin, one of the major driving forces behind the show is the talented Randy Douthit. The producer and director has worked alongside Sheindlin for over two decades and continues to do so despite the show changing its name and network.

How Did Douthit Start Working on Television?

Ever since Douthit was a child, he wanted to work on television. He remembers being impressed when his grandparents bought a TV for the first time. He was four, and that’s when the TV idea sparked. Douthit has been a producer all his career. He started at King Broadcasting Seattle and worked with several networks before finding his home in the Judge Judy Show.

Douthit has been a producer on popular shows like Hot Seat, Crossfire, Capital Gang, and Larry King Live. His passion for his work has allowed him to put in the work producing amazing shows, which has contributed to Judge Judy winning four Emmys.

Working Amidst a Pandemic

Douthit is so dedicated that even during the pandemic, he was still producing. All this happened when Judge Judy was coming to an end, and the show was transitioning to a new network (IMDB TV) under a new name (Judy Justice). Randy Douthit says they had to shoot about 120 episodes in just three months. Doing this amidst a pandemic can be daunting, but he and his team were able to make it work.

Life Outside Work

When he isn’t producing shows, Randy Douthit likes to race for fun, and his favorite car is a Ferrari. He feels like racing and TV directing aren’t that different as they almost share the same state of mind, such as concentration, leadership, and focus.

Randy DouthitHe also has a passion for health and supports organizations that try to advance medical care. For example, he supports the University of California health research program because he believes medical research can benefit many people.

Douthit’s biggest concern is that TV takes too much of his time and energy and that he lacks the time to focus on his passions. Still, he tries to make time to ensure he has a life outside of producing TV.