Securus Technologies is a renowned company that provides reliable telecommunication services for correctional facilities. The services include government information, detainee communication, and parolee tracking.


The telecommunication service provides over 2500 facilities of correction within the 45 states of America and beyond the borders including Mexico, Columbia District, Canada. The services they provide catering for over 1,000,000 prisoners in America. The company offers various services that cater not only for the inmates but the whole correctional facilities program.


Securus aims at providing special needs for the law enforcement bodies and correctional facilities. The Dallas based company does this through providing efficient and professional customer care services to their clients, resourceful telecommunication services and creative and original technical solutions to any problem that the correctional facility may face.


The company started in 1986, and it employs up to 1,000 people. Securus technologies have invested over 600 million dollars in patents, acquisitions, and technologies. The prison technology company has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton, Texas, and Allen; The Company’s CEO is Richard Smith. The telecommunication company has numerous packages that make it a leading company. Securus Technologies came up with an innovative way of combating and controlling contraband cell phones inside the correctional facilities called the Managed Access Solutions.


The technology has one of the highest rates of acquisition. The Cell Defender Technology is another productive package that the company came up with after collaborating with Harris Corporation in July 2016. Securus Technologies also came up with the Wireless Containment Solution. This innovative idea is meant to stop the illegal cell phones from inside the correctional facilities from connecting to mobile networks.




Securus Technologies provides leading criminal and civil technology justice solutions that ensure public safety, monitoring, correcting and investigating. To prove that the company is a reliable and efficient one, the company’s CEO and chairman Richard Smith admits that Securus Technologies receives countless emails and letters every week.


One of the correspondence said that the technology that Securus uses is at par with the investigative nature of correctional facilities enforcement. Another client praises the covert alert feature for enabling him to capture a suspect. This and many others show that the company is a force to reckon with in its industry.


All To Do In Napa Valley

All About Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard is a company that was started in 2001. The concept of the traveling vineyard is to allow individuals to get wine tasting right in their own homes.

Traveling Vineyard has approximately 5000 representatives. These representatives are individuals who are trained to know the different nuances of wine. They teach their clients how to pair wine and how to choose wine glasses; these representatives are able to get support from the Traveling Vineyard website. On this site, there are various tools that they are equipped with when it comes to their advanced training. Traveling Vineyard is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and they are a company that deals with direct sales in a highly ethical fashion. Individuals love Traveling Vineyard because it is enjoyable to have a professional wine class in a comfortable arena.

What Else To Do In Napa Valley recently did an article about How To Visit Napa Valley Like A Traveling Vineyard. When individuals think about Napa Valley, their minds usually go directly to wine. In reality, there is a lot more to see in Napa Valley. The Napa Art Walk is an amazing place to find unique art. The Napa Art Walk is an exhibition that is popular, and it features amazing sculptures and artistic paintings. Some of these items are priced to sell, so an individual can be prepared to shop for artwork when going on the Napa Art Walk.

Get Cooking In Napa Valley
If you are an individual who enjoys cooking, then The Silverado Cooking School is a school that is worth visiting. The Chef Malcolm de Sieyes is the individual who trains his students on all the basics of culinary arts. Chef Malcolm de Sieyes is able to use advanced teaching techniques. The food that he helps his clients to prepares is unique and delicious. The food that is prepared at the Silverado Cooking School can be paired wonderfully with wines from Napa valley as well.

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Doe Deere’s Amazing Life And Brand

Doe Deere is well-known in the beauty industry. She is the founder of Lime Crime, after-all. Here is information about Deere, Lime Crime and interesting facts about Deere.


Who Is Doe Deere

She is the one responsible for creating Lime Crime. She oversees the day-to-day operations of her company, and she started the company over seven years ago. In an attempt to find cosmetics that matched her unique style, she decided to launch her brand’s makeup in 2008, and in 2009 she launched its lipstick line called Unicorn.


As for her personal life, she was raised in New York City. However, she was born in Russia. She currently resides in Los Angeles, which is where she has an office.


She is married, has pets and she is known for being an entrepreneur that has the drive to succeed, which is one of the reasons Lime Crime has enjoyed such success.


As for how Deere defines success, she defines it has having her vision resonate with her audience. She defines success as her audience being proud to use Lime Crime products, as well as being able to evolve and stay true to core values that the one has.


Her Morning Routine

Deere has a morning routine she swears by and it involves getting nine hours of sleep per night. She is known for getting up at 8:30AM every single day, and she starts her morning off by drinking water and then she has her breakfast. She also tries to stretch every single day.


Upon waking up, she will check her calendar to see what is on her schedule. She likes to know what is going on before she arrives at her office. As Deere does her makeup, she listens to music and she enjoys spending a little bit of time with her cats before she heads to work. Deere usually arrives at her office for noontime.


About Lime Crime

It is a beauty brand that does not test on animals. Their products are vegan friendly and they carry everything from lipstick to hair coloring to nails and much more. Their prices are affordable and they can be purchased online. There are a handful of stores that sell Lime Crime products, but for the most part you have to go to their website to buy them.


Deere has turned Lime Crime into a household name and it’s no secret why. For those who want to purchase Lime Crime products or learn more about Deere can visit Lime Crime’s official website.


To learn more about Doe Deere’s morning routine, read

Hunting Down Criminals with Securus Technologies

Hunting Down Criminals with Securus Technologies

As a fugitive hunter, the sooner that I can get dangerous criminals off the street, the less likely any innocent civilians will be injured. We had our hands full with one suspect who was burglarizing expensive homes and hurting anyone who happened to be in these homes during his crime spree. The biggest problem we had was that this suspect was not leaving us much in the way of clues, so we had to try a different approach.


I decided that since he was disguising his appearance and he was not hitting the same areas twice, I needed to see if anyone at our local prison would be able to shed some light on the suspect. Now I already knew that these inmates will never talk to the police for fear of being labeled a rat throughout the jail, but I knew I could monitor their calls to see if anyone knew anything. I thought this would be a huge undertaking, until I discovered the jail recently had Securus Technologies install a new monitoring system.


Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith says his company has one objective, making the world safer for us all. All 1,000 employees of the Dallas-based company are there to help, and they got me up to speed quick on the LBS software. The system can do the work of several officers, and it wasn’t long before we got a huge break in the case that we were working on.


One of the things about stealing merchandise is that it is worthless until it is turned to cash. These criminals have to use a fence to be able to get rid of product and get their hands on cash, and one inmate was talking about a fence we never knew. Once we tailed that fence, he lead us right to our suspect.


Austin Residents Get Sound Advice From Richard Blair

The financial struggle is universal and is experienced by many people throughout the nation. The residents of Austin Texas are going through the same struggles. One thing that needs to be understood is that there are tons of factors to their struggles. One thing that they have to deal with is their mindset when it comes to spending. While a lot of people may find themselves struggling in spite of their efforts to spend wisely, there are those that deal with their costly addiction to shopping. They also spend a lot on liabilities that will take them a lot of time to pay off.’ Learn more:


Fortunately, Austin residents do not have to fight this battle alone. There are tons of professionals that are willing to give financial advice. While there are people that claim they have the answers to every problem, it is important that people take a hard look at them and see if they understand that each issue is unique and requires being treated as individual issues. Fortunately, there are professionals like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. One reason that he stands out from the competition is that he is very careful in how he approaches finances for himself and others.


Wealth Solutions has advice for people when it comes to finances at every stage of life. Among the most important pieces of advice that he gives people is when it comes to retirement. He makes sure that people have a solid plan for their retirement that includes paying off their debt and putting away tons of money so that they can retire comfortably and even put money towards college for future generations. Learn more:


One of the issues that people are faced with in Austin is overwhelming debt. The sad thing is that they have been taught that debt is necessary to move forward. At the same time, they have not been taught how to manage their money and put it towards investments so that they can have a lot of financial security in their lives. When people are financially secure, it is a lot easier to raise a family and keep a marriage together.


The Hive- Bumble’s Much-anticipated Lounge

Bumble, the famed female dominated dating app, is set to open up a hangout spot designed specifically for the Bumble aficionados and the world at large to personally get acquainted while experiencing the Bumble brand. The Hive, which is what Bumble is choosing to call this new space, is set to open in New York City’s upscale region, Soho. This is Bumble’s initial step towards delineating the fraternity that naturally developed around the Bumble brand.

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble explains that the brand now goes beyond simply dating to something people are thrilled to be a part of, irrespective of whether they use Bumble for dating or not. This initiative is also a start towards the expansion of BumbleBizz, Bumble’s new venture aimed at assisting users with professional and social networking while maintaining users who may not exactly be interested in dating.

This new space will certainly not be your average spot because apart from the general fraternizing of friends, there will be a space of female entrepreneurship events, events centered on relationships, and much more. It is also rumored to have coffee and an actual bar. Bumble fans also get the opportunity to purchase Bumble merchandise with all proceeds forwarded to charity.

The place currently plans on running for a month, but the possibility of an extension or potential expansions into multiple cities is pretty high. In addition, Bumble is launching a new feature called BFF. Bumble BFF is the ideal place to meet your new best friend. This new feature applies the same swiping and matching idea for friendship instead of dating. This makes Bumble the first prominent dating app to venture outside dating.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the genius initiative, Bumble. She helped co-founded an almost similar dating app, Tinder, but opted to leave after experiencing a few issues which were later settled. Having acquired sufficient expertise working with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe chose to create her own social media platform inspired by her desire to put a stop to all the ongoing harassment on social media platforms especially for young women.

Whitney Wolfe is a big believer of female empowerment and aims at transforming Bumble into a platform where women can gain control of their romantic, professional, and platonic relationships.

Vijay Eswaran; The Outstanding Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman born in 1960. He is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Vijay Eswaran holds a degree of socio-economics from the London School of Economics, a professional qualification from CIMA and a master’s degree from the Southern Illinois University.

After his undergraduate degree, he did several menial jobs including construction, cab driver, and plucking grapes. While he was in the UK, he was introduced to the binary marketing system.

According to QBuzz, in 1986 Vijay Eswaran was into multilevel marketing on the side as he worked for Synoptics in the U.S.A. On his return to Malaysia, he was approached by Cosway Group to kick off their business in the Philippines. It is then that he began to look at multilevel marketing (MLM) seriously. It was in 1998 that the QI Group of Companies was born as an MLM company.

QI Group is a multinational group of companies with offices located in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. It also has other auxiliary companies in nearly thirty countries located all around the world. Its operations are in investments such as collectibles and luxury, leisure and lifestyle, property development, telecommunications, online retail, direct sales and training and conference management.

The group is constantly growing and changing as it has invested in the hospitality industry in South Africa, Turkey, Thailand and other countries by opening spas, boutiques, hotels, and resorts.

Not long ago it also ventured into the education sector by opening a university in Malaysia. The QI Group is also a member of the World Economic Forum and the Commonwealth Business Council. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The QI Group currently has an employee base of over 500 people, but it is not Vijay Eswaran’s only venture. Vijay Eswaran has also spoken at many conferences on matters of spirituality, business, and management. He is also a best-selling author whose first book released in 2005, was called In the Sphere of Silence. Since then he has published three more books including his most recent work Two Minutes From The Abyss.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran also founded the RHYTHM Foundation and the Vijayarathnam Foundations which are charitable organizations that deal with community development.

He had received awards and recognition for his philanthropic work such as in 2011 when he was in Forbes Philanthropy list. In 2012 he got the New Global India award for business excellence and philanthropy.

Jason Hope’s Take On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a true believer in the Internet of Things and how it will begin changing the world over the next few years. He has written about this topic a number of times in the last few years and refers to it as the next wave of technological advancement.

The Internet of Things refers to all devices being able to access the internet and communicate with each other. This will be everything from toaster ovens to clothes washers to traffic lights. The idea is that this will make everything more efficient, convenient, and lead to a decrease in waste. Jason Hope has said that the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way businesses operate and people live their lives.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been heavily involved in mobile technology since 2004. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he earned his finance degree, and the Arizona State University – W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA. He owns a portfolio of technological companies that he has invested in.

Among the many nonprofits that Jason Hope supports is the International Foundation for Education. He supported this foundations Self Help Ambassadors Program with a financial contribution that will help enable it to meet its goal of eradicating poverty, disease, and inequity throughout Africa. While making the donation, Jason Hope said that people need to be literate and knowledgeable in order to make good choices and fulfill their potential.

For more information about Jason Hope, just click here.