Securus Technologies is a renowned company that provides reliable telecommunication services for correctional facilities. The services include government information, detainee communication, and parolee tracking.


The telecommunication service provides over 2500 facilities of correction within the 45 states of America and beyond the borders including Mexico, Columbia District, Canada. The services they provide catering for over 1,000,000 prisoners in America. The company offers various services that cater not only for the inmates but the whole correctional facilities program.


Securus aims at providing special needs for the law enforcement bodies and correctional facilities. The Dallas based company does this through providing efficient and professional customer care services to their clients, resourceful telecommunication services and creative and original technical solutions to any problem that the correctional facility may face.


The company started in 1986, and it employs up to 1,000 people. Securus technologies have invested over 600 million dollars in patents, acquisitions, and technologies. The prison technology company has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton, Texas, and Allen; The Company’s CEO is Richard Smith. The telecommunication company has numerous packages that make it a leading company. Securus Technologies came up with an innovative way of combating and controlling contraband cell phones inside the correctional facilities called the Managed Access Solutions.


The technology has one of the highest rates of acquisition. The Cell Defender Technology is another productive package that the company came up with after collaborating with Harris Corporation in July 2016. Securus Technologies also came up with the Wireless Containment Solution. This innovative idea is meant to stop the illegal cell phones from inside the correctional facilities from connecting to mobile networks.




Securus Technologies provides leading criminal and civil technology justice solutions that ensure public safety, monitoring, correcting and investigating. To prove that the company is a reliable and efficient one, the company’s CEO and chairman Richard Smith admits that Securus Technologies receives countless emails and letters every week.


One of the correspondence said that the technology that Securus uses is at par with the investigative nature of correctional facilities enforcement. Another client praises the covert alert feature for enabling him to capture a suspect. This and many others show that the company is a force to reckon with in its industry.


Hunting Down Criminals with Securus Technologies

Hunting Down Criminals with Securus Technologies

As a fugitive hunter, the sooner that I can get dangerous criminals off the street, the less likely any innocent civilians will be injured. We had our hands full with one suspect who was burglarizing expensive homes and hurting anyone who happened to be in these homes during his crime spree. The biggest problem we had was that this suspect was not leaving us much in the way of clues, so we had to try a different approach.


I decided that since he was disguising his appearance and he was not hitting the same areas twice, I needed to see if anyone at our local prison would be able to shed some light on the suspect. Now I already knew that these inmates will never talk to the police for fear of being labeled a rat throughout the jail, but I knew I could monitor their calls to see if anyone knew anything. I thought this would be a huge undertaking, until I discovered the jail recently had Securus Technologies install a new monitoring system.


Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith says his company has one objective, making the world safer for us all. All 1,000 employees of the Dallas-based company are there to help, and they got me up to speed quick on the LBS software. The system can do the work of several officers, and it wasn’t long before we got a huge break in the case that we were working on.


One of the things about stealing merchandise is that it is worthless until it is turned to cash. These criminals have to use a fence to be able to get rid of product and get their hands on cash, and one inmate was talking about a fence we never knew. Once we tailed that fence, he lead us right to our suspect.