Madison Street Capital Has Impressed The M&A Advisor Team

The M&A Advisor Awards council recently hosted their annual awards show. This year it was held in New York City. Thousands of people attended the show, including representatives from Madison Street Capital, but the representatives from Madison Street Capital were clueless to the fact that they were going to receive an award. Madison Street Capital received the advisor of the year award, which is the most prestigious award given by the M&A Advisor Awards organization.


Madison Street Capital was named the recipient of this award after helping WLR Automotive keep their business alive. WLR Automotive had a great team, great employees, and a great plan, but they did not secure the proper financing to keep their business going. WLR Automotive could not get approved for financing from traditional banks. After contacting Madison Street Capital, WLR Automotive had the financing they needed within 48 hours. This was a multimillion-dollar deal that took place, and it quickly caught the attention of the M&A Advisor Awards organization.


The Madison Street Capital managers were extremely happy to find out they won the advisor award for the 2017 year. The managers were even happier when they discovered that there were over 625 possible winners of this award.


Madison Street Capital is an organization that is based in Dallas, Texas. Madison Street Capital assists organizations with securing financing and building a plan to pay the money back. Madison Street Capital has worked for every major financial corporation in the world. Madison Street Capital also helps manage budgets for several governments including the United States. In addition to their great financial work, Madison Street Capital has helped rebuild Dallas, Texas through investing time into the community and having fundraisers to raise money for state projects. Madison Street Capital recently opened an office in New York City, and they are planning on opening offices in many other states, too. The Madison Street Capital reputation is getting better every day. Learn more: