Doe Deere’s Amazing Life And Brand

Doe Deere is well-known in the beauty industry. She is the founder of Lime Crime, after-all. Here is information about Deere, Lime Crime and interesting facts about Deere.


Who Is Doe Deere

She is the one responsible for creating Lime Crime. She oversees the day-to-day operations of her company, and she started the company over seven years ago. In an attempt to find cosmetics that matched her unique style, she decided to launch her brand’s makeup in 2008, and in 2009 she launched its lipstick line called Unicorn.


As for her personal life, she was raised in New York City. However, she was born in Russia. She currently resides in Los Angeles, which is where she has an office.


She is married, has pets and she is known for being an entrepreneur that has the drive to succeed, which is one of the reasons Lime Crime has enjoyed such success.


As for how Deere defines success, she defines it has having her vision resonate with her audience. She defines success as her audience being proud to use Lime Crime products, as well as being able to evolve and stay true to core values that the one has.


Her Morning Routine

Deere has a morning routine she swears by and it involves getting nine hours of sleep per night. She is known for getting up at 8:30AM every single day, and she starts her morning off by drinking water and then she has her breakfast. She also tries to stretch every single day.


Upon waking up, she will check her calendar to see what is on her schedule. She likes to know what is going on before she arrives at her office. As Deere does her makeup, she listens to music and she enjoys spending a little bit of time with her cats before she heads to work. Deere usually arrives at her office for noontime.


About Lime Crime

It is a beauty brand that does not test on animals. Their products are vegan friendly and they carry everything from lipstick to hair coloring to nails and much more. Their prices are affordable and they can be purchased online. There are a handful of stores that sell Lime Crime products, but for the most part you have to go to their website to buy them.


Deere has turned Lime Crime into a household name and it’s no secret why. For those who want to purchase Lime Crime products or learn more about Deere can visit Lime Crime’s official website.


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