Eco Tourism- The Next Big Thing

Taking a vacation is an excellent cure for breaking up the drudgery of everyday life, but do most people ever consider supporting a good cause while relaxing? There is a new trend of heading to conservation and eco-conscious locations. Vacations cost money and that money can be used to support a greater, global good. Consider choosing a different vacation destination off the beaten path that is just as, or more, exciting than your typical tourist destination.


Wild Ark is a company that provides many positive eco-tourism experiences for their guests. There are five different adventures available that are certified to have a low impact on the ecosystem and promote conservation. Vacationers can decide between the Bespoke African Safaris with Africa Born, Botswana Mobile Tented Safaris, Botswana Photographic Safaris, EcoTracking 7 Day African Wilderness Experience, and the Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa. Each adventure is a unique experience that will help visitors interact with wildlife, learn about eco-conservation, try new foods, and so much more.


Mark and Sophie Hutchinson founded Wild Ark in 2016. The couple is passionate about more than just basic conservation, they want to protect and promote biodiversity. They have set out to accomplish this by securing identified green belts globally. From their starting point, they can protect wildlife, conduct important research, and give people valuable experiences to get in touch with nature. The Wild Ark organization is truly a win-win for everyone because nature is cared for and protected from developers. Also as people begin to learn more about eco-tourism, the word will begin to spread to help more groups learn about conservation efforts and what they can do to help. So for people planning a vacation consider supporting eco-tourism by choosing a destination that will provide an unforgettable experience while promoting the greater good for the planet. Learn more: