The Hive- Bumble’s Much-anticipated Lounge

Bumble, the famed female dominated dating app, is set to open up a hangout spot designed specifically for the Bumble aficionados and the world at large to personally get acquainted while experiencing the Bumble brand. The Hive, which is what Bumble is choosing to call this new space, is set to open in New York City’s upscale region, Soho. This is Bumble’s initial step towards delineating the fraternity that naturally developed around the Bumble brand.

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble explains that the brand now goes beyond simply dating to something people are thrilled to be a part of, irrespective of whether they use Bumble for dating or not. This initiative is also a start towards the expansion of BumbleBizz, Bumble’s new venture aimed at assisting users with professional and social networking while maintaining users who may not exactly be interested in dating.

This new space will certainly not be your average spot because apart from the general fraternizing of friends, there will be a space of female entrepreneurship events, events centered on relationships, and much more. It is also rumored to have coffee and an actual bar. Bumble fans also get the opportunity to purchase Bumble merchandise with all proceeds forwarded to charity.

The place currently plans on running for a month, but the possibility of an extension or potential expansions into multiple cities is pretty high. In addition, Bumble is launching a new feature called BFF. Bumble BFF is the ideal place to meet your new best friend. This new feature applies the same swiping and matching idea for friendship instead of dating. This makes Bumble the first prominent dating app to venture outside dating.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the genius initiative, Bumble. She helped co-founded an almost similar dating app, Tinder, but opted to leave after experiencing a few issues which were later settled. Having acquired sufficient expertise working with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe chose to create her own social media platform inspired by her desire to put a stop to all the ongoing harassment on social media platforms especially for young women.

Whitney Wolfe is a big believer of female empowerment and aims at transforming Bumble into a platform where women can gain control of their romantic, professional, and platonic relationships.