Healthcare Expert Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski is a Medical Device Executive and the CEO of MedTech Consulting. He has over 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Soon after, he joined a device company that focused on improving healthcare and how hospitals and physicians care for patients by developing better product solutions. Tim Murawski started this company as its Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2002.


Tim’s lifestyle as a travel enthusiast.

He is interested in the outdoors and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America. His love for adventure and traveling has led him to experience many of the world’s most historic places. Selecting Tim Murawski´s favorite destinations required Tim to consider many factors, such as the location, beauty, accessibility, and company he would be most comfortable with. 


One of healthcare expert Tim Murawski´s favorite experiences was visiting the Grand Canyon, one of the most famous and beautiful canyons in North America. While traveling the world, he has encountered many unique cultures. His experiences have taught him that each nation is unique and has its customs, lifestyle, and traditions. He believes that these differences make life interesting and exciting. 


Based on these personal experiences, he decided to share with others how he has developed a more fulfilling life by helping people live better and become themselves. Tim Murawski believes that life is an adventure that should be enjoyed and that there are many beautiful places to discover. 

For this reason, healthcare expert Tim Murawski is passionate about sharing his research and insights on how each person can discover their true potential. I wish that everyone on this planet could know the joy of optimal physical and mental well-being. You can accomplish it by being healthy, active, and eating right. By sharing my own experiences, I feel that I can better help others achieve those same goals. It is a journey I want to start with you.