Alex A Molinaroli, Former Johnson Controls CEO, Shares Essential Career Moves

Alex A. Molinaroli is a highly-respected entrepreneur and the chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, Inc. He was formally appointed to the position in October of 2001 and has served as the company’s CEO since 2003. Under his leadership, he has steered Johnson Controls into a new era marked by innovation and sustainable growth. Molinaroli has also been a director of DuPont (NYSE: DD) since April 2005 and is currently on the board of directors for Eaton Corporation plc (NYSE: ETN). Molinaroli has contributed to numerous influential organizations that help shape our future, such as The Business Council and The National Association of Manufacturers. Read on to learn more about this esteemed leader!

  1. Focus on Sales.

Alex A Molinaroli’s first move was to focus on sales rather than profits. He believed this was the only way to get Johnson Controls back on track. The company was in a state of “significant distress” when he took over, and he focused on two things: restructuring the company’s debt and moving forward with new products. By doing so, Alex A Molinaroli has kept Johnson Controls a viable force in the field of industrial control solutions.

  1. Be Your Boss

Molinaroli was also determined to be his boss. He wanted the freedom to make decisions without the interference of the board. He had to gain control over his own company’s financials to do this. Molinaroli made it his mission to work towards becoming a self-sufficient company, which is why he has been so successful in this area.

  1. Focus on Innovation

Alex A Molinaroli knew that if Johnson Controls would survive, it needed to innovate. He saw that the company was falling behind its competition, and he was determined to change this. Molinaroli has been credited with creating a new product line for the company in the form of Johnson Controls’ Sinek® system. This product line is used for the monitoring of industrial equipment. It is also used in many other industries such as healthcare, transportation, and even daily life.

Alex A Molinaroli has been a significant contributor in the field of industrial control. He has helped make Johnson Controls a viable company, keeping it at the forefront of this industry. He is currently the CEO of Johnson Controls and serves as a director for Eaton Corporation and The Business Council.

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